Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Travel Blogger

Now that I’m working as a full-time travel blogger, I’ve contemplated a lot about how my life as a contract tour blogger with my personal business enterprise is and what Kedarkantha trek the advantages are however also the dangers are. Being a freelancer isn’t always easy, it requires hard paintings, much like some thing else, in case you want to acieve some thing large with your agency.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Travel Blogger
These are my thoughts, reflections and reviews of what the benefits and downsides are of being my own, being a freelancer or in my case a travel blogger. Many human beings suppose I’m simply mendacity on exclusive seashores and sipping beverages, but that’s no longer the reality.

Tulum seashore, Mexico

The international is my place of business
I invested in my interest and ardour – my tour weblog and became it into a enterprise instead, because of this my career now could be to journey around the sector. It additionally makes the world as my workplace or name it workplace, a freedom I completely love and fits me flawlessly. As lengthy as I have my laptop and a pretty good wifi connection (which may be a mission), it’s feasible to paintings from everywhere.

Angkor Wat

I´m my personal boss
Working from everywhere in the world at the same time as on the same time having freedom, also approach that the obligation lies entirely on myself. Certainly there are instances I desire I had a set income or had a manager who instructed me what to do but at the identical time I want to have manipulate and manage my own business to see how it is able to broaden. In addition, I’m only working with customers and projects that I suppose is a laugh and no longer obligatory.

I decide my personal income
Being a journey blogger or freelancer, as a few see it, I have the privilege of setting my own fees for the projects I do. In addition, it’s miles as much as me to locate new capability customers and the extra clients and tasks I get, the extra profits I get without a manager setting a restriction to it.

I work on every occasion I need to
Perhaps the largest advantage of being a journey blogger is that I decide once I need to work or not. Most regularly, my journeys approach that I do one-of-a-kind sports all through the day so I can write about it in the night. Or, I’ll transport myself for an entire day so I need to trap up all paintings in a while. My productiveness comes and is going, therefore, I favor to be as powerful as viable when my flow starts, because it may be distinctive times each day. In different phrases, I decide my paintings time table and what needs to be achieved for each day.


Discovering the arena
Many humans think that a journey blogger isn’t a career however the fact is that I get income from it so I see it as a job. I paintings at the same time I discover the sector and therefore I think I even have the world’s great process, that is a prerequisite for being able to prevail with what I like and want to do.

Qatar Airways

No fixed earnings
Working as a journey blogger manner that income varies from month to month. Everything is as much as me to make sure I get profits at all. It happens that I miss the know-how that I gets X sure of cash each month as a fixed salary that I spend on one of a kind charges.

No colleagues
Being a travel blogger method that I spend all my time on my own. Most frequently I meet human beings at the vacation spot I’m at, but I don’t have any ordinary colleagues I meet every day as you do at an workplace task.

Praslin island, Seychellerna

No exercises
Certainly, it is a freedom to be my very own boss, however it also requires a whole lot of you as a person. Being employed at an office task with a set profits, you’ve got your exercises while you come and depart from work, lunches, and so on. Which every now and then can be exceptional to have, in particular if you’re like me, it takes time to start a undertaking or ready too lengthy for a closing date. Sometimes I sense it might be great for a person else to tell me what exercises we’ve but I simply should work on that component even greater.

Lack of invites

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